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About Us

TM eco-architecture was born in 1980 from a family-owned company that showed creativity and professionalism in the construction industry, from ordinary maintenance to extraordinary, from insulation cladding systems to the introduction of the wood division with a turnkey operation for the provision of interior furnishings for the creation of new commercial activities.
This transition, dictated by a continually evolving market, has driven the founder of the new TM to gain experience in the international field alongside other leading companies and give life to a new series of products that reach to the horizons of present-day sustainable architecture.

sustainable architecture The main goal of TM eco-architecture is to pay particular attention to the materials used in the production of a structure, reducing labour costs, environmental impact and consumption of limited energy resources, that is to maximise the well-being of the present-day consumers, guaranteeing the same benefit for future generations.
This minimalist approach, in the design phase, takes into consideration various factors: bioclimatic design, insulation, renewable energy sources and the efficiency of technological systems.
In order to guarantee all that, TM eco-architecture has at its disposal designers with proven experience and engineers who collaborate with various production establishments divided according to their sector, and, with an eye to the client’s real needs, offer a personalised design plan.
Maintaining a cultural approach to the project is important, referring to “Baubiologie” (bio-construction) which was born in the seventies in Germany, then developed to include the concept of ecology and sustainability.

To integrate work into the environment and nature,
avoiding waste, guarantees the common good rather
than the profit of the individual